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Tears in Heaven (dedicated to the Connecticut Massacre Victims and Families)

I keep stopping while drafting this post.  Overflowing tears are blinding.

Tragedy strikes and you are engulfed in sorrow, disbelief.  Losing a child is like losing the ability to breathe, losing life itself.

Eric Clapton collaborated with Will Jennings to write this ballad in honor of Clapton’s four-year-old son Conor, who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend in 1991.  What went on in Clapton’s mind the minute he saw Conor sprawled on the pavement? This song illustrates his grief and America comforted him hugely: the song is one of Clapton’s most successful and stayed in Billboard charts for weeks on end.

My heart goes out to the families and friends who are doing their best to cope with death.  Prayers keep one steady, retain peaceful and happy thoughts in one’s mind and heart —because how can you go on with your day when the person you love most goes away for good?

How can you put a handle on this pain that has intruded your sanity when lives have been snuffed out due to some heartless action?

There has to be a peaceful way out of this violence.  We get so hung up on laying the blame on just about anything in order to build up a story —because we are all clueless.

My friend says it quite aptly: we have long left love in the backyard of our dreams, sauntering out the door to meet with our egos.


What Makes Pinays Shine

You’ve heard it countless times before: Filipinos continue to reap accolades both locally and internationally.  We also have our own share of not-so-good reviews, but what shine forth are stories of hope, courage and love.

And we love these stories.  They are real, they are inspiring.

Former MILF Commander now Peace Builder Bai Linda Eman of Cotabato on PEACE

She spent her early days as a commander in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) but was driven to become an instrument of peace despite her bitterness and pain when she experienced love in the hands of a perceived enemy.

Now a full time Regional Coordinator for Gawad Kalinga for Southern Tagalog and Muslim Affairs, her courage and sense of patriotism taught her life’s greatest lesson:

“My dream is to walk anywhere with my head up, without being judged as a terrorist; to show to the world that I am a Muslim-Filipina.  I can help anyone, I’m free to walk and I can be a friend to anyone.  I can love any person in the Philippines; they will accept me who I am, being a Muslim-Filipino.”

Congresswoman Aliah Dimaporo on the YOUTH

She was  the youngest legislator participating as guest and resource speaker in the World Youth Parliamentary Forum in Mexico City and she championed a cause to improve health services for the youth, ranging from access to universal health coverage to efficient delivery of services.

Was her voice heard amidst countless groups vying for attention? Dimaporo successfully sent her message across; her contributions were accepted in the areas of education, health, technology, innovation and security.

Young nerves of steel
(courtesy of Ana Vinzons Chato of The Philippine Star)

Mature beyond her thirty years, she reveals her youth and idealism: “(The power I wield, the position I hold today) is only temporary anyway.”

Atty. Xilca Alvarez-Protacio on BEING FILIPINA


“I think what’s unique to the Filipina is that she’s one person who has b*lls —meaning, you have this Filipina, this woman who can take on everything, even a male’s job and still have the love, compassion, care and understanding, that’s enigmatic to a Filipina.”

Never one to shirk from hard work and a delicious challenge, she turned her back on her law career and instead became a social entrepreneur.  She set up not just one but two business enterprises that depended largely on the communities in Sulu: Gourmet Keso, a line of locally-made cheeses from goat’s milk, and Café de Sug Sulu Coffee, packed coffee made from Sulu-grown cacao beans.

Her advice to would-be entrepreneurs: just bite the bullet and teach others how to dream big.

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Let’s Hear It From The Girls

I love these two women. They both inspired me to finally put my ideas in a blog at a time when I felt as if I was going nowhere near my personal and professional goals. Their clear and concise and fun ways of explaining stuff never cease to amaze me.

Who are the great women in your sphere who have influenced you to make that life-defining and altering decision?