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Three Keys to Productivity: Get Started Now

“Don’t move!”

I look around for a moment as I come to grips with that familiar voice.  Hell, yes, familiar indeed.  It’s the critic voice within me, wanting to stop me from doing anything productive.

I’ve been stuck with this thought project for a few weeks now. Oh, yes, I tried many ways to get started on it and even tried to follow the well-meaning advice of Christiane Holbrook of Sacred Productivity to reduce it to tiny sub-tasks. But I’m going nowhere near my goals!

I tried doing something completely unrelated to it, like getting off my computer chair after being seated for two years straight and all I ever felt were cramps shooting all over my limbs like firepower.

Yes, don’t look at me that way because I also tried eating, meditating, shouting at the top of my lungs ALL at the same time (maybe it would work if I did it simultaneously).  I ended up scaring my daughter out of her wits.

Frustrated, I turned to Dragon City on Facebook and was about to hit PLAY when my eyes darted on Robin Sharma‘s Wall post on my news feed: ” There is HUGE power in starting–no matter where you are today.” He was talking about dreams and starting off small, encouraging me to “make the leap” and start something great because a year from now, I’d be glad I did!

Well, I’m taking a deep breath and closing my eyes. I have a few maybes that may be my roadblocks to success:

  1. Maybe I do not actually like what I want to start on so I’m free to rethink my goals.
  2. Maybe I lack resources/tools to start on something THIS big so I’m free to ask for help.
  3. Maybe I need a break!

I’m giving myself permission to harvest my gold and feed my dragons for 60 seconds.

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