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Top Three Work Desk Must-Haves

Take a look at your work desk right now.

What are the things you see? Do you have everything you need within your reach? Do you have everything organized down to the last muffin crumb or did you suddenly realize you accidentally stuffed your document in the garbage bin and instead put the empty Skittles packet on file?

A friend once made comment that these items can be a form of security blanket, much like that grubby toy or unwashed blankie you couldn’t let go of when you were still this small. ┬áBrother #3 calls it nambabangil (translation: whatever).

Here’s a list for starters:

Number One: Bookstore Finds – notebook, pen, paper, paper clips, filing folders, scissors —you name it, you’ve got stuff that can rival a mini bookstore

When everything you need is at your disposal (courtesy of


Number Two: Grocery Items – food! ┬ácandy! Need I say more?

Heart Stoppers for Champions (courtesy of RayaGr)


Number Three: Fill-in-the-Blanks-Here – dental floss (a college friend has it still, within arm’s reach), moldy cheese (don’t ask me, it’s NOT mine), toys (I babysit while I work), a photo of something or someone which you occasionally stare at? (definitely not mine)

What are the top three items you cannot live without and need to see on your work table every day, 24/7?