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Steak It’s Gonna Be

1,195 days ago, I was flat broke.

The movie that’s playing in my mind as I stand on my soapbox right now: I was walking home one night pretending to clear my mind when in fact I only had one peso in my right-hand pocket. I ignored my screaming stomach and pretended that I will be unwrapping a tightly-packed sizzling steak as soon as I get back to my $50-a-month bed-space, when in fact all I had in my body-bag pockets are three sachets of soy sauce, one packet of crispy pork rinds and one cup of rice encased in plastic wrap.  I ate dinner in tears, but at least I had a three-peso mobile load credit.

Couldn’t even afford a plateful of carbonara sauce

I was over six feet deep in debt and only had Johnny Depp as inspiration, not aspiring to meet him in person, because merely looking at him in the eye as he smiled from the covers of a tattered fashion magazine I felt as if I have already attained a positive credit report.  I went to sleep that night and silently screamed a prayer.  There were only two words in my prayer and it was the most fervent: Help me!

Three things saved me that night and it had nothing at all to do with my efforts: faith, steak and Johnny Depp.  I wanted to be like Vanessa Paradis so I worked myself out of my 1,000-lb frame.  I quit my job and applied for a new one which was quite further up the road so I had to walk farther each day to save up on fare.  And I mentally noted how savory a piece of medium-rare steak once tasted when I was treated to dinner by a college buddy and this motivated me to save up earnestly for a future I do not want to plan on.

Just to distract you, here’s a view to the screenshot that’s playing in my mind:

Summer goodness in every bite

Well, I hate giving out advice even to those who solicit it.  I pretend I live in a fairy tale where I can have my happily-ever-after clincher, but I do not pretend to know everything.  Funny how things turned out because I left that new job (yet again!) because my daughter came into my life and blessed me immensely, I still have to taste that ever-haunting medium rare slab of meat, and I have outgrown Johnny.

Looking up similar experiences posted on the Internet, it’s amazing how miracles are happening every single day.  Even children are never spared from wonderful occurrences:  He indeed has a great story to tell his future sons and grand kids.

When you wake up in the morning, what motivates you the most? May you be blessed beyond compare as you spend your day as another person’s inspiration.