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Google will always be my virtual BFF.  It never lets me down when I want to dig up interesting finds online.

Lately, there’s an ebook I promised my friend I would sell, and I was able to gather a few odds and ends to weave into something worthwhile.  There have been a few gems that turned out to be helpful, apart from the fact that they’ve been there for ages, all for the taking.

Check my top three seller options in bringing a product closer to your market, because let’s face it, your product won’t sell itself just sitting there. offers a Self-Publishing option via Amazon Kindle.  Through this feature, I can make my product available for sale on, and so I can get paid for sales as well.  The good news is it’s free and I can sign up for an account and publish titles to the Kindle Store at no cost.

eBay is stress-free and a hands down winner for me! All I have to do is open an account, upload the item I intend to sell, get all the ad content going and all I have to worry about is my choice of shipping and payment options (eBay offers a flat rate across all shipping options, be they international or domestic).

ClickBank has a great offer for Vendors like me.  It has more than 100,000 active affiliate marketers ready to promote a product (like an ebook in my case) in exchange for a commission.  I suggest the retail price and the affiliate commission I want to pay for the product.  Upon approval, I pay ClickBank the one-time $49.95 activation fee.  Upon payment, the ebook will be included in the ClickBank Marketplace and will be available for ClickBank affiliates to promote.

There are a lot of other options and I intend to keep looking.  Where do you think is the best place to sell products online?


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