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Blogger Interrupted

I have what I call The Blogger’s Block.

Trust me, it’s more unwieldy than Thor’s hammer stuck in day-old mud.

Thor Unlimited

He can make anybody’s mind whirl.

All hunched over my work desk, I suddenly sat back, my fingers digging tiny potholes onto my throbbing temples.  My mind was unforgivably blank except for this black mass hovering over my brain, wanting to be extracted by any means.  I reached for a pen and one of the new planners I’ve been intending to use for ten months.

Then I gratifyingly drew a line across the first page I came across: New Year’s Resolutions.

I need one more arm to write down a neat list

How many more days to go before 2013? I don’t intend to bargain with time —I never won a single battle.

Have you asked yourself more than once: Is this the perfect time for me to start reorganizing my stuff, and most especially my life (if we haven’t yet)? Believe me, there will always be no perfect time unless you make time for it.  I always try to come up with 1,001 reasons not to get up from a warm bed in order to work out at six AM.

A full-blast Pinoy breakfast of crunchy salted fish, diced tomatoes and steaming rice nicely complements a heavy workout

You do have your own favorite way of welcoming anything new with more than a great bang —hopefully it doesn’t go pfft after a couple of days of stuffing oneself full of holiday leftovers from the fridge.  Hope is not lost when one seeks a more organized and enlightened mind (at least it has to start somewhere).

In a reckless second, I close my eyes and take the plunge: I’m planning for the New Year.  Have you figured out what takes the top sweet spot on your list? Let me crumple Santa’s Christmas gift list first.


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Online owl by night and professional mom 24/7. Loves peanut butter sandwiches, bedtime stories and Dragon City.

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